Thursday, December 3, 2009

Heeo Ja Janeiro

The reason for the title is that we are now in Rio (it is 35 degrees and sunny, not that I want to rub it in) and in Portuguese it seems you think of the most logical way to pronounce a word, then do the opposite, and he presto! You sound Brazilian!

This will be a quick one as internet is not reliabe and I am sweating my proverbials off.

Plane journey over sucked a*se - I think they picked me the worst seat on the plane due to jealousy over my good looks - it didn't recline so I was sat upright for 10 and a half hours! Was glad to get here in the end.

So, we're here in beautiful Rio. The weather, and people, are gorgeous. Sun, sand and cheap food. It's actually quite expensive here but Cressy and I have been good for a couple of nights now and cooked in the hostel. Tonight's dinner cost a whopping 30p! (Pasta with tomato sauce for anyone that is interested - "bags of flavour!")

We visited a lovely project in the favelas here today called Fight For Peace, with Felipe, the local partner here. He is a real character and great fun - and, he has a beard!!

Tomorrow we head to Salvador, which is the African capital of Brazil. It's where the slaves all landed on the continent and over 80% of the population is black. Loking forward to it!

Right, off for a late night shower and a shave.

Keep it real homies - Tudo Beleza!

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