Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big breakfasts and beaches

The good news is me and the missus are friends!Ilike the fact we can be p*ssed off with each other for a couple of hours but then chat about it like adults. Of course I am always right though!

The breakfast at the hostel is amazing!! Warm bread rolls with cheese, cucumber and tomato is standard fare (a fried egg was a welcome surprise addition today), normally to be washed down with fresh mango juice. My tactic is to fill up on that, burn it off for a couple of hours, then do very little during the time of day that only mad dogs and Englishmen venture out in. Evenings are usually spent having a laugh at the hostel with the other travellers. Note, we are travellers, man.

Last night was good fun - we went out with a nice couple from the hostel from Australia to watch some samba parties. He's originally from Israel but has lived in USA, Oz and is moving to UK. Truth be told she seems a little bit mental and controlling, but nobody's perfect hey! Typical ex-school teachers!!

This arvo we're going to the beach and then this evening, who knows!

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  1. School teachers mental and controlling. Cheeky sod. (joking)