Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long-nosed racoons bite!

Let me explain the title. On my final morning at the rescue centre in Florianopolis, I helped with the feeding of the animals again. Despite their innocent appearance the Cuachis (things that look like a cross between a racoon and an anteater) are little b%stards!! I was placing food around their shelter for them to find & eat later, and then one of them jumped on my arms and scratched and gave me a little bite! Immediately I was thinking ´do I need to get a rabies jab?´ but all the staff at the centre reassured me all the animals are vaccinated every month and have no contact with any wild animals (apart from illicit jungle parties). So the only thing damaged was my pride! My relationship with the animals wasn´t the same following the incident and I wanted to bite them back. I decided against this in the end.

We´ve been at Iguazu falls for the last 2 days and it is definitely the most spectacular thing I´ve ever seen. The national park around it on the Argentinian side is fantastically arranged & maintained and you´re able to walk on eco-friendly bridges right up to the edge of the falls. In my opinion, it is much better than both Niagra & Angel Falls down to its size, beautiful setting and the ferocity of the water as it cascades. Fortunately, my camera battery died just as we got to the perfect place to capture all this imagery. There was a nice chap at the spot who takes pictures professionally so we gave him our business - less than 5 pounds for the pleasure!

Now we head to Buenos Aires on an 18 hour bus journey. This is no ordinary bus though, oh no! We have fully reclining leather seats, food served to us, drinks served (including wine and whisky), private toilet and movies all the way! All for just 40 quid. I would take that over the plane any day!

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  1. What did each traveller have their own private WC!! I dont believe you:) :)