Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here we go again.

I have some interesting items to discuss!

Firstly, the integrity of my blog. I am frank and honest with it, as it is a true reflection of what I am like and it acts as a diary for my thoughts. However, there may come a time when people who read my blog may be offended by some things I write. I did consider this and despite protestations from the missus, I wont (there are some characters missing from this keyboard like the apostrophe and question mark so just bear with the erroneous grammar please) be editing it to keep the peace. I never have done and never will! The situation arose because I found one person in our hostel in Salvador annoying, as explained in my previous post. Cressy pointed out that there is a good chance she will read it, and may be offended. Whilst I agree with this, I decided it wont change my tack. Im sticking with it! This is, after all, for the benefit of myself, loved ones and friends!

Secondly, I can~t remember. Oh yes, maybe I can! I watched the internet movie Zeitgeist last night, and, oh my god, found it incredibly scary. It completely confirmed what I have suspected all along! The world is run by a bunch of evil b*stards who keep rich people rich and poor people poor. There are some fascinating highlights like proof that Christianity is a hoax that has been copied from previous ancient religions and Pearl Harbour was completey anticipated, expected and that it was used as an excuse to enter the war, so that the US economy could boom from the production of arms. There is compelling evidence that September 11th(and the London bombings) were planned by the secret services to brainwash the public into supporting the 'war on terror'. Almost makes me think,'why do we bother', but then I think the world will become a better place when everybody just focuses on helping each other and forgets making rich people richer. Power to the people!

To head in a different direction altogether, what does 'urbane bons mots' mean..I will be researching that. I love learning new words.

Cressy and I are in Florianopolis now at a beautiful wildlife rescue centre. So far we have been very warmly welcomed by Marcelo (who looks a little bit like Frodo's father from Lord Of The Rings) and Junior (who looks like Billy Bob Thornton - no doubt). Very nice people who are very hospitable, warm, welcoming and humourous. The centre is fantastic too and I look forward to finding all the information about it. I find it inspiring to meet people who dedicate their lives to helping people or animals. That is the course for me!

Right..will attempt to upload some photos now. There's not many as Salvador was a bit too dodgy to flash the old camera.

Keep it real homies and stick it to the man!


  1. urbane bon mots are witty, or pithy light hearted words or one liners, (I think)

  2. Thanks Mary - I decided to look it up in a dictionary and that is correct!