Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Angry blog!

There was a wicked street party we went to in Salvador today. The sun was blazing, the beer was flowing and the street food was excellent. Then some b*stard decided to stick his hand in my pocket to try to take my money - luckily I noticed him doing it immediately and pushed his hand away. At this point I felt like I wanted to knock the cheeky b*stards' teeth out, but that was never going to happen.

He hung around in the same area for a while and I was looking at him, probably transmitting the message that I would like to disembowel him (in a nice way). He then walked over and said something in an aggressive way, and I felt on edge from that point onwards. Fortunately he carried on walking, but the fun was over for me.

I considered telling the police to have him apprehended, but decided it was going to be more hassle than it was worth, as he was in a group of blokes who looked pretty shady.

At this point, as I was worked up and still on edge, a sympathetic and understanding ear is what was I wanted and it didn't feel like that's what Iwas getting. Essentially, it felt like the missus was saying, "the police wouldn't be interested as he didn't take anything" and just generally that they wouldn't be interested because they don't care about stuff like that. I tried to make the point that with the Olympic Games and World Cup coming the tourist police were on our side and very keen to stamp that stuff out. Felt like it fell on deaf ears! Like I mentioned, I just wanted a supportive and understanding presence and it did not feel like I was getting that! Therefore, argument number 2 ensued, and continues at this very moment.

On a more positive note, we booked our flight from Salvador to Florianopolis yesterday to visit the wildlife rescue centre (it would have been a 40 hour bus journey and my flat arse can't take that anymore) and also spent a few hours on a gorgeous beach about 40 mins from the centre. White sand, blue skies, warm weather and chilled beer for just over £1 a pop. The evening was spent drinking Caiparinhas (something worth noting - the predicted text offered the suggestion 'Cheesepairings' when I typed in the name of this drink) and having a laugh with some nice people from the hostel. Brazil is great but too expensive so we have decided to bail out a week early, to move on to Argentina.

Tonight there's a free party just around the corner with local bands playing, but I haven't decided if I feel like going yet.

Keep it real and keep your hands on your pockets!

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