Sunday, November 29, 2009

Leaving Vancouver

The days seem quite short here at the moment, as we get aboot (sic.) 5 hours of sunshine. For anyone reading this in the UK, you'll be pleased to know the weather SUCKS, so I am looking forward to some sun in Rio!

We met Brian for lunch today at one of the restaurants he works in and it was great. It has a spectacular view overlooking the city and is set in pretty surroundings. All his work colleagues were very friendly and funny to talk to and we had good times chatting over dinner, which, incidentally, was delicious! Nice bottle of Canadian Riesling to wash it down with too.

Cressy and I had our first journey on Canadian public transport to head back to the apartment, which was AMAZING. It was a metal tube-shaped object balanced upon wheels which travelled at close to the speed of sound UNDER THE GROUND. What next?

We had our first tiff over selecting a bottle of wine to give to Brian as a thankyou gift. I would have preferred to discuss which colour, what variety, why we're buying it, but it seemed the missus had already made her mind up, which led to a set-to! Going forward, conversation between the two warring factions has been limited but a UN peacekeeper is being flown in to resolve the dispute. Watch this space!

Rio here we come...

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  1. as good as a book. Actually its me Sam, Mary T, not anonymous. Just got a bit muddled with all the clart of signing in!!
    Very entertaining