Thursday, January 21, 2010

Electricity and Internet - Hallelujah!

We just arrived into Uyuni in Bolivia after a 4 day tour of the salt flats in Bolivia, which was amazing! The scenery was spectacular and we had great banter with our compatriots from Nueva Zelanda who were lucky enough to have a sense of humour and demeanour which was approcaching the quality of ours! Mine in particular...

It is relieving in a way to be back to ´civilisation´ i.e. to have internet, telephone, and running water again. I am surprised by how little I missed it actually - I suspect it is because we were kept so busy and the altitude took a lot to get used to - at times we were nearly 5000 metres above sea level!

On the first day of our tour we arrived into our accommodation, which was possibly the most remote town / settlement I have ever seen in my life. Imagine driving through dusty desert for about 7 hours, passing literally no sign of life other than flamingoes and the odd llama on the way to then arrive at a collection of 20 or so houses made from mud bricks. The altitude was 4,400 metres above sea level, so of course we did the sensible thing and played basketball with local kids, to discover that we ran out of breath just walking on to the court. We were outclassed by a group seven year olds, so of course I did the sensible thing and bullied on account of their inferior height and weight.

The final day was fantastic and we did the mandatory perspective photos on the salt flats, which was amazing fun! Soon they will be added to Facebook, much to my delight.

These four days have been fantastic and it was fun, fun and more fun.

Looking forward to the next part of our adventure with great anticipation.

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