Friday, November 27, 2009


So, not sure how to start this. As it's my blog, do I say hello? Well, anyway, this will suffice.

Me & the missus are in Vancouver! Flight was nice and easy and flew by (excuse the pun). Cressy's friend Brian picked us up from the airport and is putting us up in his flat. What a legend! Really nice guy, funny, friendly and very hospitable. His place is slap bang in the city centre and is really nice. A wicked batchelor pad, complete with frosted screen on the outside wall of the shower, which means we're all getting to know each others' silhouettes!!

First night we were jet(s)lagged so just went for a few beers (14) then went to bed at about 8 p.m. . Brian came in from work at 2 a.m. ish so we stayed up talking and putting the world right for a couple of hours. I think Obama will be on the phone any day now.

Today, on our second day the corned beef (Cressy) and I had our orientation meeting in the city and then followed it with loads of walking, puncuated by regular stops for pizza, falafel, hash browns, tea and coffee. So we're sticking to the 'healthy eating' target religiously so far. We took a trip up the skytower and I coped magnificently with both the glass fronted lift and at the top of it. I even struck up the courage to walk towards the windows and look out.

Vancouver feels like a sober version of California to me - people are down to earth, friendly, have funny accents, say 'aboot' and the men generally have goatee beards, which is of course a sign that they shouldn't be trusted. There are lots of trendy small dogs with jackets on, generally accompanied by owners who also have jackets, incidentally.

Tonight we intend to walk into the city, have a few bevvies and go up the skytower to see the night lights.

Day count: 2.
Argument count: 0
Me being right count: 475,000
Me being excellent with directions: as above.

Tomorrow we plan to hire roller blades, explore Stanley Park and visit the aquarium.

More to follow.

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